Retirement Planning CRPC® (Charted Retirement Planning Counselor)

The CRPC® designation is the industry benchmark for retirement planning credentials and is encouraged by the top firms in the industry. The CRPC® helps financial advisors by guiding them through specialized tax and estate objectives and strategies for a retiree and presents the unique financial and emotional aspects of financial planning that are unique to the retirement process. In short, the program helps advisors define a “road map to retirement,” enabling them to focus on the pre-and post-retirement needs of their clients.

Whether you have a long way to go for your retirement, or just a few years left, Cypress Private Wealth will help during this transition period. We have the resources, knowledge and insights required to help guide you through your retirement life.

It is most often the case when individuals think they want to retire early but are unfamiliar towards being ready for the post retirement-life. We fully understand the challenges that await your post retirement life, hence we take it upon us to provide guidance, and support as well as suitable strategies precisely catered to your long term goals.

Our retirement planning services focus on two aspects of the retirement phase. First is when you approach your retirement while the second serves the purpose of aiding you to live well after the retirement. We will help you compare your estimated expenses with your existing expenses and plan your essential and emergency expenses accordingly to help prepare for the transition. Get answers to your questions and design a strategy to create an income plan on how to support yourself throughout retirement through Cypress Private Wealth.

Certified Financial Planner CFP®

CFP® professionals take a holistic, personalized approach to bringing all the pieces of your financial life together. As part of the CFP® certification, CFP® professionals also have made a commitment to CFP Board to act as a fiduciary when providing financial advice to a client. This means they have agreed to put your best interests first, so they can provide you confidence today and a secure tomorrow.

Every individual faces times in their lives where they are not sure what to do with their money and what decisions will see them in a better future with regards to their finances. If you are not confident about how to deal with that pressure it is best to seek professional advice. Client(s) are often given the luxury of choice between many financial products and services to choose from. Having less or no knowledge on the subject can be daunting and can cause that luxury to quickly convert into a burden. Cypress Private Wealth helps you with not only providing you with different options but also guides in what and how to choose, and how to implement those options appropriately.

Behavioral Finance

BFA training is to equip advisors to be financial coaches who can help integrate the conventional financial knowledge about markets and investing they’ve acquired through experience or other education with findings from psychology and neuroscience. The aim is to improve the decisions racking more closely to the plan, by increasing their emotional competency in financial matters made by their clients and keep those decisions tracking more closely to the plan, by increasing their emotional competency in financial matters. Behavioral finance recognizes that people are rarely entirely rational, are guided by feelings as well as facts, have limited self-control, may be subject to conscious and unconscious biases, as well as cognitive and information processing errors. To respond to the challenges that this complicated reality presents. One of the limitations of using tested investment theory to provide people with rational financial advice is that people aren’t necessarily all that rational. Investors tend to get worried when the market is down and sell cheap at the bottom, locking in losses. On the flip side, they tend to buy in at high prices when the market is rising, so the only way to record gains is if the market keeps going up. Financial advisors often are challenged to encourage clients to follow the rational course when emotions drive them otherwise. That’s where the behavioral finance advisor (BFA) accreditation comes in. 

Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst CAIA®

The CAIA® - Level 2 candidate

Charter, offered by CAIA Association®, is the globally recognized credential for professionals who manage, analyze, distribute, or regulate alternative investments. An alternative investment analyst manages, analyzes, distributes, or regulates real assets. Alternative investment analysts work in private practices and firms, investment management firms, companies, foundations and trusts, colleges and universities, pensions, and state and local governments—just to name a few.