Patrick Bennett

Partner - Wealth Advisor

Patrick Bennett is the second-generation of financial advisors in his family, his father Terry started at Dean Whitter in the mid 60’s after his discharge from the military. Pat’s trial by fire training was done at Salomon Brothers in the late 90’s as he assisted a group that was built to strive to preserve and grow the assets for newly-minted millionaires generated by that decade’s technology boom. He was recruited to Bank of America Investment Services in 2004 to work with the high-net worth client group. Patrick's practice started to grow out of Silicon Valley as the tech boom took hold in Northern California. Newly minted technology giants became household names and began to spread mass affluence throughout the Valley. For 2 decades, the Valley has been a global leader in mass- affluence. Now new giants are creating a new high-water mark equity based wealth; those lucky enough to be part of the new tech giants and the like are by default, creating a more enriched sprawling community for the rest of us to thrive and flourish in.

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