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Sean Woods CLTC® **

Sean Woods CLTC® **

Risk Management Specialist. Exclusive Insurance

The Cypress Private Wealth team is delighted to introduce our external partner Sean Woods as our dedicated Risk Management Specialist. Sean serves as our risk manager related to insurance, encompassing life insurance, long-term care planning, annuities, and disability insurance. His mission is to offer comprehensive education on insurance recommendations and to serve as a guide throughout the entire process, spanning from application and underwriting to eventual placement. Additionally, Sean is equipped to provide ongoing maintenance and management support.

Drawing upon an extensive array of top-rated insurance companies and their diverse product offerings, Sean adopts an impartial approach to address the insurance requirements of our clients. Insurance and risk mitigation are integral aspects of our commitment to ensuring that our clients have appropriate coverage tailored to their individual financial planning needs.


**Sean is not an associate of Cadaret Grant & Co. Inc.